HSM Baling Machine

Who uses baler? What type of company needs a baler machine?

A proper baling machine can help increase company's recycle revenue.Baling presses is for every application, for every material and for every individual requirement.
Baling machine are popular with manufacturers and various commercial industries because they provide ideal waste recycling solution in regards to the disposal of recyclable waste.

Here some of the ideas:-

  1. Shopping malls, retail stores need baler machine to help them compact packaging material or recyclable waste such as cartons, cardboard, and plastic film into small and manageable size so that they can store easily before selling it off to recycling plant.
  2. Farms need baling machines to compress straw into high density bales for easy transportation before selling it as animal bedding.

Why want to use baling machine?

Almost all conceivable type of waste can be reuse is too bulky, or too small or loose to handle efficiently. To efficiently handle the waste materials, you may need a baling machine to compress the materials into the bales.

Neat and tidy balers not only can save up your storage space, it also reduce transportation cost.

What baler to choose for small scale recycling?

  1. First you need choose whether you need a horizontal or vertical baler.
    If your waste volume is small, you may consider vertical baler.
  2. Next you need to choose a suitable vertical baler among so many models of vertical balers.
    You can choose depending on your waste material type such as paper, PET bottles, plastic film, plastic bag, etc.
  3. Next consider on the baler size & weight.

Why choose HSM baling presses?

HSM baling press are the specialist solution for compressing waste materials by up to 95% into sorted, easily transportable bales.The product portfolio ranges from vertical and horizontal presses for trading and manufacturers to fully automated baling press systems for professional waste disposal companies. Regardless of the material, the volume or the location HSM has the right baling press for you.

Compacting with HSM saves you money and helps the environment. The dimensions and weights of bales produced using HSM presses allow optimal loading of the truck. This means less empty space as well as fewer expensive and environmentally damaging journeys.

HSM V-Press series are incredibly well-suited for industry, manufacturers and trading alike. With HSM compact baling press, you can reduce the volume of your on-site packaging material by up to 95%.

The HSM horizontal baling presses are suitable for industry, manufacturers and waste disposal companies. In addition to paper, cardboard and foil, they are often used for compressing expansive materials such as foams, polystyrene, hollow vessels, metal buckets, barrels, car tyres, etc.

HSM V-Press compact, energy-saving and reliable.

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Performance according to your needs with a wide variety of models
  • Optimal bale dimensions and bale weights for perfect truck utilisation and saving of transport costs
  • User-friendly operation
  • High degree of flexibility press programs for cardboard and foil can be selected
  • Long service life thanks to innovative control concept
  • Available in different configurations
  • Energy efficient and quiet

HSM Horizontal Baling Press

  • Pressing power of 80 kN to 400 kN
  • Bale weight of up to 600 kg
  • Large loading aperture, low overall height
  • Press ram moves horizontally, compresses against a counterplate
  • Loading: manual or automatic
  • Bale strapping: manual, with polyester tape or wire
  • Also suitable for bulky material